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“Redefining The Art Of Interior Fittings And Full Interior Construction”


  • Are you looking to give your company an exceptional makeover?
  • Are you looking to give your office or business locations a professional touch-up?
  • Are you looking for expert and experienced architects, designers, and project teams to manage your retail, commercial or residential project?


Look no further than Topshop1A. Having been in the market for a long time, we have been able to develop a wide range of interior fittings and full interior construction, including all general contractor services tailored towards satisfying the different level of clients depending on their tastes. What sets us apart from others that offer the same services like us is that in everything we do for you, we leave a touch of class.


Topshop1A is a company set up for the sole purpose of designing, developing and selling of latest interior fixtures for stores. Interior fixtures like freestanding displays, POS solutions, Mannequins and latest LED lights for successful retail stores. Our principal proficiency in marketing interiors, displays, fittings, and visible merchandising gives us the skills to provide solutions for retail environments of any size or in any location. Besides that, our production, management and marketing expertise helps us provide our clients with an organized approach to realizing your brand's vision.


In our job as visual merchandisers, we do so much more than just dress mannequins. We come up with sophisticated holiday and anniversary decorations, in-store displays in outlets, and captivating window displays in boutiques and other business enterprises. We can plan and execute new projects or improve on projects that are already existent for effective manufacture and production.



Great Services and Products


“Quality” is thrown around a lot these days, every business claims to offer “high-quality service”, to a lot of businesses, it is just a word or line, but to us, it means so much more. Quality is what our whole business is built around. From the very first moment you approach us for our products/services, through every subsequent meeting, right to the moment we deliver the project, quality is what we start with, and it is what we end with.



Highest Standards: We strive to offer top quality services with a unique blend of knowledge and creativity.


Fast turnaround: We understand time is of essence. We provide fast turnarounds!


A unique range of services: We offer different services to meet all your expectations.



We offer top quality solutions that tend to take your business to a whole new level of success and increase your ROI. Get in touch with us for the best retail solution for your stores.

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