At Topshop1A, we supply all your store display and retail fixtures requests. Our desire is to use our broad knowledge of the industry and abilities to design and produce store display fixtures that help our clients achieve that image they want to project about their individual businesses. A personalized retail display is a very effective way you can catch the attention of your customers and get them interested in your merchandise. It also helps to magnify your store’s reputation and establish the impression you want the customer to have about your business.

Topshop1A is the right commercial partner on your side for:


  • Shop fitting / store fixtures
  • Stand-alone retail displays
  • Latest window mannequins
  • Showrooms and exhibitions
  • Commercial light


We use top-of-the-line architectural software to make sure modern drawings and visualizations are top notch, and if you work with our designers and interior studio, together we can collaborate for an entirely new idea and help create a new custom-made fixture and display for your store. We work with following material as standard in latest and cost efficient machine techniques and taking care of green environment protection:


  • Metal (standard and stainless steel)
  • Wood (real timber and chipboard)
  • Acrylic glass and plastic in different colors
  • Fiberglas
  • Glass (all kinds)


Everything we do with these materials, we do taking into consideration the best standards, latest and cost efficient machine techniques while also paying attention to green environment protection. We offer you an option to have our experienced and expert designers come up with the designs for your store, or you can work together with them from the design stage all the way to the manufacturing stage so as have as much input as you want on your project.


Our customers are from:

  • Retail non food
  • Retail food
  • Industry non food
  • Industry food


If you are not in this field, no problem! Just give us a call and we'll plan something for you! - Termin jetzt online buchen

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